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Enrolling Your Student

We look forward to meeting you and helping with your student's transition to a new school. 

Please check the School Locator (see link to the left) to make sure Walters Middle School is your school of residence before you continue with enrollment. If you are living with a friend or relative you must call the school district, Student Support Services Department at (510) 659-2534 to schedule an appointment for a Declaration of Residency (see link to the left). 

Enrolling Your Student

If you are new to the Fremont Unified School District and need to complete the enrollment process for your student, complete the following steps. Please be sure to select the appropriate school year in your online application. Select 2020-2021 if you are looking to start immediately. Select 2021-2022 if you are planning to start in August of 2021. Enrollment for 2021-2022 opens March 1st 2021.

NOTE: WE DO NOT PRE-ENROLL students coming from out-of-state or out-of-country.  Once the student is in Fremont, their family has established permanent residency in our attendance area and can provide residence documentation, the parent/guardian may complete the enrollment packet and contact the Registrar to make an appointment.  We cannot make exceptions to this policy.

*The legal residence of the pupil and parents is where the pupil/parents reside 5 school nights a week. In cases of joint custody or separation, the parent/guardian must declare a primary residence of the child and legal documentation may be required.

*If the student resides within the District attendance area but without his/her parent(s), the legal guardian(s) must provide the District with a legal court document showing proof of guardianship to be eligible for enrollment.

*Pursuant to Board policy, Affidavits of Residency and/or informal transfers of parental control will not be accepted.


1. Gather and upload your required enrollment documents:

    a. Student proof of birth (birth certificate, passport, baptism                          certificate)                                                                         

    b. Student Immunization records (translated to English)

    c. Residency verification - Two (2) of the following are required                      (documents need to be current, within the last 30-45 days):                        i. Lease Agreement or mortgage statement                                                    ii. Utility bill                                                                                                            iii. Pay stub                                                                                                              iv. DMV documentation (car registration, renewal notice)                            v. Official Government mailing       

    d. Most recent transcript and withdrawal grades from previous                    school

It is important that you scan these documents to your computer/mobile device prior to beginning the online enrollment application. You will need to access these documents while completing the enrollment application. Please save each document as its own document as you will need to upload them in different sections of the online application (residency documents can be scanned together). Please name the file with the last name and type; please do not use non-alpha numeric characters such as commas, periods. 

2. Complete and submit the online enrollment application. An email is required to complete the online enrollment process. If you do not have an email address, please email

     Current year enrollments are ongoing through June 8, 2021.                  ➔ 2021-2022 School Year Secondary Enrollment open March 1, 2021.

Please be sure you are selecting the correct year when completing your form. Otherwise you may  delay your child's enrollment and have to start all over again.                                                                                                    

Once you begin the process, you will receive an email from infinite Campus with instructions on completing the online enrollment. 

3. After completing the online form you will receive an email directing you to set up a virtual enrollment appointment. During this appointment you will need to present photo identification. Your enrollment is not complete until after this appointment. 

Please click on the link below only after you have completed step 1 

(gathered and uploaded required documents to  your computer or device)                                                                                                                               

For additional assistance you can go to our district Student Support Services page.

IMPORTANT: Attention Parents of all incoming 7th Grade Students 

California Law (AB 354) requires an additional immunization called Tdap in order for your student to advance into or enter 7th grade. The adolescent whooping cough/pertussis booster shot (Tdap) must be given on or after age 7 to meet this requirement.

Valid proof must show: 1) type of shot given, 2) date, 3) provider’s signature/stamp.  

If parents have not provided proof to their school by the first day of school your student will NOT be allowed to attend. For additional information visit Student Support Services - and - Immunization Requirements