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departments co-chairs

J. Del Carpio and N . Fraga

department members

6th Grade Science Teachers

Contact Ms. Baird  Ms. Baird (510) 656-7211 ex: 28043 Teacher - 6th
Contact N. Fraga  N. Fraga (510) 656-7211 ex: 28039 Teacher
Contact W. Goodfellow  W. Goodfellow (510) 656-7211 ex: 28040 Teacher
Contact Hillary Lewis  Hillary Lewis (510) 656-7211 ex: 28042 Teacher - 6th
Contact K. Narveson  K. Narveson (510) 656-7211 ex: 28049 Teacher - 6th
Contact R. Unger  R. Unger (510) 656-7211 ex: 28041 Teacher - 6th

7th Grade Science Teachers

Contact M. Carey  M. Carey (510) 656-7211 ex: 28038 Teacher - Science
Contact J. Del Carpio  J. Del Carpio (510) 656-7211 ex: 28034 Teacher - Science
Contact K. Sharma  K. Sharma (510) 656-7211 ex: 28037 Teacher - Science

8th Grade Science Teachers

Contact G. Bae  G. Bae (510) 656-7211 ex: 28036 Teacher - Science/Robotics
Contact M. Carey  M. Carey (510) 656-7211 ex: 28038 Teacher - Science
Contact R. Kuhlmann  R. Kuhlmann (510) 656-7211 ex: 28035 Teacher - Science

Science is a  course that provides training in the basic skills of investigation and experimentation.  In the seventh grade the curriculum covers cell biology, evolution, genetics, structure and function of living systems, and earth and life history.  In the eighth grade the focus is on physical science with the standards covering motion, forces, structure of matter, earth in the solar system, reactions, chemistry of living systems, the periodic table, density, and buoyancy. Students will be reading and writing their ideas, opinions, or personal experiences as they pertain to the material that is read, discussed, and probed in class.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for California Public Schools, Kindergarten through Grade Twelve

California Common Core State Standards ELA & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects